Monday, August 31, 2009


Could this girl be more beautiful? And could her mom had dressed her any cuter? I think not!! This is Bronwyn and her parents are Mike and Whitney Petersen
Amber-Bronwin 350 copy-WEB
Amber-Bronwin 345 copy-web
Amber-Bronwin 339 copy-web
Amber-Bronwin 337 copy-web
Amber-Bronwin 324-copy-web
Amber-Bronwin 319-copy-web
Amber-Bronwin 312 copy-web
Amber-Bronwin 298-copy-vint-web
Amber-Bronwin 294-web
Amber-Bronwin 291-copy-web
Amber-Bronwin 268-copy-text-web
Amber-Bronwin 261 copy-web
Amber-Bronwin 233 copy-web
Amber-Bronwin 226 copy-web
Amber-Bronwin 218 copy-web
Amber-Bronwin 202 copy-web
Amber-Bronwin 196 copy-web
Amber-Bronwin 191 copy-web
Amber-Bronwin 188 copy-web
Amber-Bronwin 179 copy-web
Amber-Bronwin 162 copy-web
Amber-Bronwin 233 copy-web

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Maddox and Trip

Maddox is such a little crack up! The first few minutes of the shoot he was begging for his mom to take him home because he didnt want to have his picture taken. But has soon as he remembered how funny it is when he says, "HOT CHICK" everything was suddenly bearable. This kid is totally going to be a heart breaker!
Maddox-Trip 272 copy-vint-web
Maddox-Trip 283 copy-vint-web
Maddox-Trip 285 copy-vint-web
Maddox-Trip 296 copy-vint-web
Maddox-Trip 304 copy-vint-web
Maddox-Trip 208 copy-vint-web
Maddox-Trip 223 copy-vint-web
Maddox-Trip 220 copy-vint-web
Maddox-Trip 182 copy-vint-web
Maddox-Trip 188-vint-web
Maddox-Trip 180-copy-vint-web
Maddox-Trip 170 copy-vint-web
Maddox-Trip 155-copy-vint-web
Maddox-Trip 153 copy-vint-web
Maddox-Trip 145-copy-vint-web
Maddox-Trip 136 copy-vint-web
Maddox-Trip 122-vint-web
Maddox-Trip 140-copy-vint
Maddox-Trip 081-vint-web
Maddox-Trip 057 copy-vint-web
Maddox-Trip 072 copy-vint-web

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Isn't she a beautiful bride?! Thanks Amber for letting me take your bridals. I had a blast!
Click to enlarge this first one....
Composite Final-web
Amber-Bronwin 026-copy-vint
Sun composite-final-web
Amber-Bronwin 116-70-web
Amber-Bronwin 114-copy-70-web
Amber-Kelsi 351-vint-web
Amber-Kelsi 055-BW-web
Amber-Kelsi 075-copy-70-web
Amber-Kelsi 091-copy-70-web
Amber-Kelsi 193 copy-70-web
Amber-Kelsi 206 copy-web
Amber-Kelsi 240-copy-web
Amber-Kelsi 270-copy-70-web