Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby Paisley & fam

This little sweetie was wide awake for most of our session. But finally towards the end she zonked out and we were able to get some fun shots. Paisley has such a beautiful photogenic family!












Monday, February 8, 2010

Ball Baby boutique

Did anyone know that there is a baby boutique in Rigby? They have the cutest stuff there and it is really worth checking out. My favorite thing is the adorable squeeky shoes. They have a spot on the top of the shoes that you can trade out bows and flowers. And they have the cutest little squeek with every step. They also have them for boys.

They are located at 4060 East 300 North in Rigby

I had the opportunity to do a little valentine's shoot to show off some of the product in this store. And the adorable Bronwin was my model. Everything she is wearing is from the Ball Baby Boutique excluding the tights. I hope everyone has a great valentine's day! Enjoy!

baby boutique FINAL2

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valentine's 098 copywebvalentine's 115 web

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter wedding

To be completely honest I was hoping like crazy that it wouldn't snow on this wedding day. But I ended up being so glad that it did. I have a new love for winter weddings. The snow falling and snow on the ground is just kind of magical! I know.... I'm corny :)


Shelby-leadger 364 copybwwebShelby-leadger 369 copybwvintweb

Shelby-leadger 367 vintwebShelby-leadger 286 copyweb

Shelby-leadger 357 copywebShelby-leadger 279 copyweb

Shelby-leadger 335webBonnie 082 copyweb

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Shelby-leadger 418webShelby-leadger 412web

Shelby-leadger 436web

And here are a few pics from the beautiful Shelby's bridal session

Shelby-Melinda 038 copywebShelby-Melinda 033 copyweb

Shelby-Melinda 053 copy2webShelby-Melinda 156copyweb

Shelby-Melinda 205 copywebShelby-Melinda 124copyweb

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