Saturday, October 31, 2009

Online auction for Benson & Claire

There is going to be an online auction Monday November 2nd for Benson & Claire. For those of you who aren't familiar with this cause click on this link below.
I encourage all of you who read this to get online and check it out Monday. They have lots of fun stuff and will be auctioning off a photography session with me. So if you want your photography money to go towards a good cause check it out! The auction begins November 2nd at 8:00 a.m. and closes November 16th at midnight

Friday, October 30, 2009

Preview for {T} Fam

I will be honest. This is the only picture I have finished. But you have such a beautiful family and I just had to let you see one! Tell Trent that I still think he is extremely photogenic and he should go into modeling :)
Lacey-temple 813 copy

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Craft fair

My friend Kate is doing a craft fair at Rigby High School on November 14th from
10:00am to 5:00pm. There are already over 85 vendors! It's going to be huge. Lots of fun stuff so come check it out. I will also be there with a booth and some fun photography decore that I have been working on. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The {C} Family

I absolutely LOVE photographing these kids! They are so funny and so sweet. They also have the cutest mom. She told them that if they were good during the photo shoot that they could wear funny noses for a picture at the end. I thought that was such a fun idea and the kids loved it.
Kate-halloween 836 vintweb
Kate-halloween 583 copy2-web
Kate-halloween 604 copy2-web
Kate-halloween 786 vint-web
Kate-halloween 628 vint-web
Kate-halloween 625 copy2-web
Kate-halloween 820 copy2-web
Kate-halloween 686 FINAL-web
Kate-halloween 668 copyFINAL-web
Kate-halloween 776 vint-web
Kate-halloween 740 vint-web
Kate-halloween 649 copy2 - Copy-web
Kate-halloween 724 vint-web
Kate-halloween 638 copy2 - Copy-web
Kate-halloween 835-copy2-web
Kate-halloween 811vint-web
Dax just had his first birthday right before our shoot so we did some birthday cake pics for him too.
Kate-halloween 863vint2-web
Kate-halloween 858-vint-web
Kate-halloween 860-vint2-webn

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Holly & the Harley!

I was so excited to do this shoot. It was so much fun! He got this Harley for Christmas last year. They never really had any engagements when they got married so we did this fun little shoot to make up for it.
Angie-Halloween 1 486 vint
Angie-Halloween 1 498 cvint copyweb
Angie-Halloween 1 500 vintweb
Angie-Halloween 1 448 copy2web
Angie-Halloween 1 474 copy2web
Angie-Halloween 1 538 vintweb
Angie-Halloween 1 547 vintweb
Angie-Halloween 1 572 vintweb
Angie-Halloween 1 611 vintweb
Angie-Halloween 1 630 vintweb
Angie-Halloween 1 654 copy4web

The Evans Fam

Angie-Halloween 1 398 copyweb
Angie-Halloween 1 396-copyweb
Angie-Halloween 1 357 vintweb
Angie-Halloween 1 355-vintweb
Angie-Halloween 1 316-vintweb
Angie-Halloween 1 312-vintsweb
Angie-Halloween 1 312-vintsweb
Angie-Halloween 1 253-vintweb
Angie-Halloween 1 259-vintweb
Angie-Halloween 1 275vint2web
Angie-Halloween 1 341-cvint-web
Angie-Halloween 1 087 vintweb
Angie-Halloween 1 094 vintweb
Angie-Halloween 1 078-copyweb
Angie-Halloween 1 002 vintweb


I am way behind on posting so here it goes. Lots of posts!!

This is Dominic. He is a senior from Rigby. Can you tell that he LOVES his skiis?
Dominique 054 copy
Dominique 242 copy
Dominique 303 copy
Dominique 238 copy
Dominique 168 copy
Dominique 163 copy
Dominique 025-70
Dominique 021-70
Dominique 058 copy
Dominique 347-70
Dominique 399 -70
Dominique 255 copy