Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter wedding

To be completely honest I was hoping like crazy that it wouldn't snow on this wedding day. But I ended up being so glad that it did. I have a new love for winter weddings. The snow falling and snow on the ground is just kind of magical! I know.... I'm corny :)


Shelby-leadger 364 copybwwebShelby-leadger 369 copybwvintweb

Shelby-leadger 367 vintwebShelby-leadger 286 copyweb

Shelby-leadger 357 copywebShelby-leadger 279 copyweb

Shelby-leadger 335webBonnie 082 copyweb

Shelby-leadger 206webShelby-leadger 266web

Shelby-leadger 418webShelby-leadger 412web

Shelby-leadger 436web

And here are a few pics from the beautiful Shelby's bridal session

Shelby-Melinda 038 copywebShelby-Melinda 033 copyweb

Shelby-Melinda 053 copy2webShelby-Melinda 156copyweb

Shelby-Melinda 205 copywebShelby-Melinda 124copyweb

Shelby-Melinda 164 copywebShelby-Melinda 141 copyweb

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  1. Gorgeous Cassie!!! I need to have you take some of my little ones. You do great work! What do you need nursing for?