Monday, June 7, 2010

Mall of America...Here I come!!

That's right! I am taking off to Minneapolis Minnesota tomorrow afternoon. Most of you know that I am also a nurse. A friend of mine at the hospital told me about a great opportunity to take a travel assignment there. I leave tomorrow afternoon and come home Friday afternoon. It's only one shift. I am so lucky to be going with some of the funnest co-workers a girl could have. We are hoping to have a little extra time before our shift to check out the Mall of America. Let's hope I don't spend all of my earnings there :) I think my husband is secretly hoping that I don't have time to go see it. I will have my lap top with me but I'm unsure if I will have the internet or not. So if I don't respond to e-mails until I come home don't feel bad. I will get to it as soon as I get back....After I spend some quality time with my little Paisley of course! Oh I am going to miss her! And if you really need to reach me about something concerning your pictures feel free to call me any time. 208-569-3554. Hope everyone has a great week!

And since it just seems wrong to do a post without some pics I will leave everyone with a few of this cute little guy. He was so happy and full of smiles when we started. But then he fell face first off the front of his chair! Poor sweet little thing. I just want to squeeze his cheeks!






  1. He is adorable! Great pictures Cassie!

  2. Conner is super duper cute! And he's my nephew :) I love the pictures. He doesn't really ever take a bad one. I can't keep my lens off him.