Monday, May 11, 2009

Hailey & Chandler

WARNING: posting way too many pictures
Hai & Chan 214-copy-i
Hai & Chan 308-copybw-i
Hai & Chan 059-copy-i
Hai & Chan 318-copybw-i
Hai & Chan 189-copy-i
hai&chan2 015-copy-i
hai&chan2 034-copy-i
Hai & Chan 195-copytext-i
Hai & Chan 042-copybw-i
hai&chan2 104-copybw-i


  1. I love your pictureS!!! you don't need any pointers! haha... I'm working on two composites right now and about to pull my hair out! Are you getting together this week with SArah? Text or call me

  2. Great work Cassie! So I take it that Hailey is getting married!? Oh and I keep forgetting to tell you that I ran into your little bro here at CSI campus! It's weird to say this but it really made my day. I still feel like I don't know anyone and I don't belong. I'm happy here but It's just different so yeah, Tell him thanks. Have a good one.

  3. Wow Cassie you are dang good! Your sister is gorgeous! You two look a lot alike!

  4. Those look so cute Cass!!! I am lovin the blue door!!