Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Halle's first birthday!

Thank heavens for Tasha letting me take so many pictures of her girls. I love it! Thanks Tash.
Halle 1yr 061-copy-final-web
Halle 1yr 004-copy-web
Halle 1yr 005-copy-final-web
Halle 1yr 037-copy-final-web
Halle 1yr 066-copy-final-web


  1. Love your pictures~ Your becoming a PRO!!! I NEED NEED to practice more! how are you composites coming?

  2. thanks.. maybe you should take the pictures, and i'll do the composites! :) That size is 8x24. I did that size because in WHCC they have a 16x24 size, so i thought I could print 2 on one page. I think my colors are toooo saturated so i need to fix them. Have you printed any canvas's yet?

  3. Sooooooo cute! The big cup cake!! Wow You two take being a mother to the next level. Way to be creative!!!!!