Friday, June 5, 2009

Rowberry boys

Aren't these boys just adorable! They belong to Jake and Tauni Rowberry I had so much fun taking their pictures. Slade has so much personality and is so entertaining. He had us laughing pretty much the whole time. You'll see what I mean as the post goes on.
rowberries 047 copyweb copy
rowberries 003-copyweb copy
rowberries 013 copy
rowberries 059-web copy
rowberries 087 copyweb copy
rowberries 067-copyweb copy
We were finishing up some pictures of Krue when we heard Jake yell, "come quick and bring the camera." Around the corner Slade had found the perfect spot to drop his drawers and do his business. It's like he was looking for the arrow pointing to his spot to go.
rowberries 085-copy
rowberries 139-copyweb copy
rowberries 107 copyweb copy
rowberries 123-copyweb copy
rowberries 089 copyweb copy
rowberries 152 copyweb copy
rowberries 162 copyweb copy
rowberries 163 copyweb copy


  1. SOOOOOO cute! Who's big blued eyed boys are those? Great pics. I love all that you did! It was great to see you at Sarah's as well. Can't wait to see your next creations.

  2. Wow Cassie!! You are an amazing photographer!! I love these!!