Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Finally! I got my computer fixed so I can post some pictures for Rach. I had so much fun taking Leighton's pictures. Rachael just made my day when she showed up with this cute little outfit on leighton. Just a warning.....I am posting quite a few pictures because Rachael lives in St.George and won't be able to see them all until I send her the CD. Enjoy Rach!
wedding 334 copy-web
wedding 346 copy-web
wedding 322-vintage-web
wedding 311-vintage-web
wedding 321-vintage-web
wedding 274 vintage-web
wedding 287 copy-web
wedding 289 antique-web copy
wedding 293copy-web
wedding 298-copy-web
wedding 370-vintage-web

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  1. Cass you are so amazing! i seriously cant believe how good they look! i love them.. and i love you! :)