Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This cute little guy isn't a new new newborn. He is about 2 months old and spent the first 6 weeks of his life at primary children's in Utah. Little Vince was so fun to photograph and I had been wanting to take pictures of a newborn so bad. We started out inside but he just wasn't having it. Because of lighting we moved outside and after that he was happy as can be. He loved it out there.
Toni 113 copy-web
Toni 099-seventies-web
Toni 234-copy-seventies-web
Toni 195-copy-web
Toni 210-copy-web
Toni 052 copy-web


  1. Vince looks sooo adorable. You did a really good job! Just wondering what your prices are?? I need to get both of my kids' Birthday pictures done......???

  2. I was hoping to get your prices also. Could you e-mail them to me at I would like to have my sons pictures taken sometime soon and I love the photos on your blog! They are just what I am looking for. Thanks,
    Sarah Cutts

  3. Howdy. Could you send me your prices? Thanks.