Thursday, October 22, 2009

The {C} Family

I absolutely LOVE photographing these kids! They are so funny and so sweet. They also have the cutest mom. She told them that if they were good during the photo shoot that they could wear funny noses for a picture at the end. I thought that was such a fun idea and the kids loved it.
Kate-halloween 836 vintweb
Kate-halloween 583 copy2-web
Kate-halloween 604 copy2-web
Kate-halloween 786 vint-web
Kate-halloween 628 vint-web
Kate-halloween 625 copy2-web
Kate-halloween 820 copy2-web
Kate-halloween 686 FINAL-web
Kate-halloween 668 copyFINAL-web
Kate-halloween 776 vint-web
Kate-halloween 740 vint-web
Kate-halloween 649 copy2 - Copy-web
Kate-halloween 724 vint-web
Kate-halloween 638 copy2 - Copy-web
Kate-halloween 835-copy2-web
Kate-halloween 811vint-web
Dax just had his first birthday right before our shoot so we did some birthday cake pics for him too.
Kate-halloween 863vint2-web
Kate-halloween 858-vint-web
Kate-halloween 860-vint2-webn


  1. OH you are in BIG TROUBLE! I look like a pig in the picture with the noses! Cole handed me the pig nose on purpose, I know it! They turned out so cute! Thanks

  2. Such a cute family... I might be just a little biased!!

  3. Your work is really really good lady! R u sure you need me?