Sunday, October 4, 2009

They're done!!

Here are a few of your adorable.....AND VERY FAST....little boy! :) I will send the rest on your CD on Tuesday. Enjoy!
Shelby-Melinda 341-vint-web
Shelby-Melinda 466-vint-web
Shelby-Melinda 386 copy-web
Shelby-Melinda 390-vint-web
Shelby-Melinda 393-vint-web
Shelby-Melinda 399 copy-web
Shelby-Melinda 412-vint-web
Shelby-Melinda 416 copy-web
Shelby-Melinda 422 copy-web
Shelby-Melinda 436 copy-web
Shelby-Melinda 511-vint-web
Shelby-Melinda 287 copy

1 comment:

  1. Oh Cassie thank you! They are so beautiful! Now our goal is to loose 20lbs ea and get some more! (before and afters) Thank you for fitting us in and thank you for being so sweet w/ our monster... We had such a wonderful experience!