Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More of the { T } family!

Lacey-temple 603 vint2web
Lacey-temple 564 vintweb
Lacey-temple 871 cvintweb
Lacey-temple 708 copyvint copyweb
Lacey-temple 711 vintweb
Lacey-temple 673vintweb
Lacey-temple 691vintweb
Lacey-temple 739 web
Lacey-temple 735 vintweb
Lacey-temple 667 copyweb
Lacey-temple 654 copy2web
Lacey-temple 643 copyweb
Lacey-temple 782-vintweb
Lacey-temple 846 copy2web
Lacey-temple 853 copy2web


  1. To say you are an amazing photographer would be a severe understatement!!! I absolutely LOVE your work and cannot wait til we visit Rigby again, cause I am SO gonna have you take our family pics!!! (p.s. Im from Rigby my name is Cortnie Bigelow my maiden name is Pence, I am friends with your brother Cody and your sis in law Becca!!) Great Job on this family's pics they are all so gorgeous!!

  2. Courtney.....Wow! Thank you so so much! I tried to leave you a message on your blog but it is private. So I thought I would leave you a message here and hope that you would see it :)
    That was so sweet of you to leave such a nice comment and complement. It is SO appreciated! Hope to hear from you when you visit Rigby again......By the way; I totally remember you. I was so jealous of your hair back in the day!
    Thanks again!

  3. Oh Cassie..you are too nice...my stinkin hair ugh if only I could have naturally straight hair!! haha!! I am so excited to visit Rigby now that I have a great person to take our pics!! yay!! hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!!