Monday, April 19, 2010

Taking pictures of my own child has turned out to be the biggest challenge! You'd think that with what I do I would have tons of pictures of Paisley.....but nope! She knows what I am trying to do and wants nothing to do with it. And it always ends with tears. She did a little bit better with this shoot. This time it started out with tears and ended with a few smiles and at least a few glances. But if any of you saw the rediculous shananigans I was pulling out to get her attention.......You might think twice about claiming me as an aquaintance. :) I must say I looked pretty rediculous! Whatever it takes, right?!

And the adorable hair pieces are from Miss Ruby Sue. There is a link to her site on the right column of my blog. Give her a call....You won't regret it!





My amazing talented cousin made this birthday cake for Paisley's birthday pics and I love it! Thanks Heidi! Paisley loved this cake too. She kept calling it her big cupcake. Getting a picture of her with it was so hard because she just wanted to hug and kiss it the whole time. Heaven forbid she turns her head and smiles for even half a second! I guess she is a two year old :)







  1. I agree! Things are definitely more frustrating when it's your own kid. When you take my kids pictures, they drive me insane but you are so patient with them! Beautiful pictures Cassie!

  2. Just found you when looking at Miss Ruby Sue's amazing hair accessories. Your work is amazing! Gorgeous!!